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Help I’m Gonna Write a Book

Have you ever been stuck in that cycle of life? You know the one, you’re busy every day but you feel like you’re not doing anything. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat. Well, that was the cycle I was falling in to and as someone who’s recently left university, it was pretty depressing. I mean my job’s great, the people there are supportive and I couldn’t ask for a better boss, but something was missing.

I am constantly attacked by ideas, every day. Especially with new characters fighting for my attention.

I have maladaptive daydreaming, which for those who don’t know in the easiest explanation is daydreaming to the extreme. It’s daydreaming but incredibly vivid, I literally smell scents that are not there, taste flavours I’m imagining and feel the emotions of my characters (which can become quite embarrassing when you start randomly laughing like an idiot on a public bus). However unlike something of schizophrenia you know that none of it is real. But it can also make it hard to concentrate, I have always had a low attention span, spending my time in the make-believe.

Anyway, I was stuck in my cycle and as a newbie to the world of Twitter I was scrolling through just before bed and found someone talking about books. As someone who loves stories (re. above) my interest was peaked and at the end of their tweet was #amquerying. Having no idea what this was but assuming (correctly) it was to do with books, I clicked and was transported into a world I didn’t know existed.

Writers encouraging others, agents giving tips and of course the troll or two but hey it’s the internet nothing’s perfect. More importantly, I learnt what a query was and was fascinated. I want to take a pause here to highly recommend the hashtag. If you’re wanting to write or in the middle of writing you need to look it up. A lot of advice that is on there is about why a book is rejected for publication. It’s true a lot of the time a book is rejected due to personal reasons, so the agent just isn’t in love with the plot, characters etc. but you also have agents that tell of writing mistakes or of things that are frowned upon in the professional world. Let’s be honest you want to know this stuff before you write, so go scrolling.

Back to the story, so I found #amquerying, scrolled and thought: ‘wait, to publish a book all you just have to send a query to an agent… really?‘ No, not really, there’s a lot more work than that. Yet, ideally you could become a published author without having to spend a scrap of money. Which is great, because I am dirt poor. The only thing you need to give up is your time, which hello, stuck in a cycle, bombarded by stories. I had nothing to lose… except my sanity, but please, the hope for that was long gone.

I was ready… well nearly ready I still needed to think of a story. I knew fantasy was my strong suit, it’s what I used to love writing, it’s what I’m thinking about daily, but those stories that had followed me throughout my life just didn’t work. Some were too personal, I would be writing a part of my life. The others just didn’t translate well to the page. I was lost. But like all great ideas, the best come when you’re not trying.

I was in the middle of my pizza, a slice at the tip of my tongue when the idea struck. A choir materialised in the room, halleluja bouncing around the walls. The rain that was hammering on my windows moments before was replaced by a dazzling light. White doves perched on my windowsill… Okay none of that happened but I did have a brilliant idea, a story I was so excited to share.

I don’t want to reveal too much (no spoilers here) but it mixes folktale with mythology (huge respect to anyone who posts on #FolkloreThursdays) bringing fun, magic, wacky characters and a touch of humour. I introduce to you The Legend of Fable: A Hero Forgotten. Halleluja halleluja. It will have several languages (I’ll write a blog about it), the map has been created (I’ll write a blog about it) and with different races comes dreaded politics (I’ll write a blog about it). I plan to jot down my processes, my challenges and successes.

I also have another story idea that I’m in love with but I think will be hard to get published because of the religious connotations. What can I say the devil is the main star. It’ll be called Samael. I’ll be writing that story, part by part on the blog. Part one I plan to post on 19th October (I still need to do a rough outline).

On that note send a prayer my way, I know this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Happy writing.

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