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Getting Ready for My First NaNoWriMo

I’m Anxious

What I’m anxious about NaNoWriMo the most is time. There’s not enough of it. I work full time and get home later than I’d like so secretly writing at my desk on the slow days and pumping my body full of caffeine at nights seems to be the way to go. I have planned the amount I will write each day in the calendar you see at the top (there’s a link to print the calendar off for yourself at the bottom). There can be no excuses for going under but I will never stop myself from going over! I’ve always found that when I’m in a scene writing comes naturally, it’s the beginning that is the hardest part. I wrote about this in my previous post. Stopping in the middle of action instead of at the end usually helps me to re-enter the world quicker, so that is how I plan to finish each day.

I won’t be starting from scratch like a lot of NaNoWriMo writes, instead I will be starting at around 20,000 words. At the end of November, I hope to be at 70,000 words or more with another 15,000 words to go to reach my 85,000-word goal. phew. I’m hoping that the month of November can get me into a routine. For December is a crazy month, I’ll be going home for Christmas and there’s a lot of distraction there. If I can keep the same pace I will (hopefully) have for November however, I should be able to reach my goal (and finish my first draft) by the middle of the month. In time to step back, bask in the Christmas break and then come back and really chop my WIP up.

I’m Excited

Although haunted by my anxious demons, I have some excited puppies nipping at their heels. The truth is, I’m in love with this story. I really need to write this book. Ideas about the world, the politics, my lovable main character, her silly sidekicks form in my mind daily. I need to share them with people. I already have the tweets in my head that I can share when it’s published, isn’t that the most important reason for it to get written. Think of the tweets! As well as the fact that I’m already thinking of the second book.

Adding to my word count daily on NaNoWriMo, sending it to my team lead on #revpit, seeing the progress bar fill up at the top of this website. That will be a great accomplishment at the end of every day/week. Also, I’m excited to participate in the community even when they do struggle and curse the gods of writer’s block. We can do that together.

I’m Ready to Go

✔ My calendar is all ready
✔ Don’t look back at what you’ve written just head forwards
✔ Stop in the middle of the action to help with writer’s block

My outline is done, the beginning is already written, I have tips on what I know work and what doesn’t. I’m ready to go. I’ve scribbled and pondered about this story for so long that I can’t wait to see it written on the page. This will also be my first time participating in any writing event. I’ve got your backs, fellow writers. Let’s do this.

Happy Writing.

Psst if you want the calendar you see at the top, click here.

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